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Candy box folding kits
Our Candy folding box collection includes holyday and everyday designs both for adultís and childrenís attention. They are fun to assemble and fun to create a present of. Our team is releasing folding boxes collection for small presents as well in the spring.

Scrapbooking kits
Our latest edition of scrapbooking kits has already received feedback from our clients. The sales network demand was quite big for a last minute product. We have developed 12 designs for the spring and summer collection. The kit includes ribbons, pearl paper, friseline, cardboard shapes and other elements for card making and art decorations at great price.

Amazing Quilling modeling kits
Our quilling collection includes various shape kits for home assembeling. We have designed 2d, 3d and quilling+ shapes that have achieved great interest and sales.  Our products are made of quality color lasting paper tested and proven to be exelent both for adults and children.

Papercut kits
The papercut kit collection is beautifull and very interesting for crafters but is adult only product and for special clients. Papercutting is an amazing technique.

Quilling tools and materials for crafters
We offer as well great wooden quilling instruments, quilling starters kits and over 20 different quilling paper mix packages that include a glitter edition as well.  Our starting kit is fun to work with.
Other craft materials
Wreath bases and card board shapes for carmaking, post card bases for gobelins, small coloring shapes, stamps, module origami collection and other crafts materials.
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